About IITLS 2017

India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit (IITLS) 2017

India is aiming for a 10% Y-o-Y growth to reach USD 10 trillion GDP by 2032. The logistics sector is pegged to grow at ~1.2 times GDP growth, is expected to be worth USD 360 billion by 2032, up from the current USD 115 billion.

As India prepares for a transition to the next level of logistics growth, it requires the Government to bring the necessary infrastructural changes and announce regulatory policies and measures to chalk out a roadmap for the logistics sector in the coming years. While it is imperative for the policy-makers to accelerate implementation, other stakeholders including: service providers, users and industry bodies, need to work in collaboration to achieve inclusive growth.

Freight logistics, comprising: transportation, warehousing and value added services (VAS) spanning road, rail, sea and air, act as both: an enabler and a catalyst for economic growth. India’s improving ranks on global indices for logistics performance, such as the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) – where India’s rank has risen from 54 to 35 and the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB), reflects that we are headed in the right direction.

To prepare India for the transition to next level of logistics growth, the Government is developing policy levers and initiating key infrastructural changes to chalk out the near and long-term roadmaps for the sector. While policy makers and developers work to accelerate implementation, other stakeholders including: service providers, consumers and industry bodies, must work in collaboration to achieve inclusive growth.

Transforming India’s logistics landscape needs a clear long-term and sustainable vision that powers proactive, rather than reactive, initiatives. An integrated system-based approach is crucial for the success of this sector. one which cuts across modes of transportation, administrative geographies, integrates capital investment with regulation and policy development. To fund infra- projects, private sector investments need to be tapped while increased flow of public investment must be triggered in economically and socially important ventures.

India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit (IITLS) 2017 will provide an ideal platform for sectoral stakeholders, spanning: Government policy-makers, public and private sector infrastructure developers and global experts to meet and discuss the challenges faced by the sector and devise sustainable solutions. The 3-day Conference and Expo will be held from 3rd-5th May, 2017 at New Delhi, India.

The IITLS 2017 Conference will have reputed Indian and global speakers for sessions on the following topics addressed by:

  • Road freight corridors for economic development
  • Public Private Partnerships: Multimodal Logistics Parks
  • GST: Changing logistics models
  • New possibilities: Inland waterways and coastal shipping
  • Gateways: Congestion, clearance, transit times and role of digitization
  • Urban transportation: New developments
  • Supply chain transformation: Storage innovations
  • Standards and skills for logistics

IITLS 2017 will also bring together key stakeholders from various Indian states to debate issues and highlight the investment opportunities in the irrespective regions.

The IITLS 2017 Exhibition will allow companies and investors to network with policy-makers and explore opportunities in the various segments of India’s logistics and transportation sector. Manufacturers and service providers will get a platform to demonstrate their products and seek business collaborations with national and international players for domestic and export opportunities.